2021 All-In-One Toolkit

Build a Portal Students Will Love

In this downloadable toolkit, we’ll take a look at the seven ways institutions are revamping their student portals for 2021.

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46% of Institutions Are Planning on Upgrading Their Portal*

Long-neglected legacy portals were put on center stage in our new socially distant reality. Not only have students found these legacy portals severely lacking under the current circumstances, but forward-thinking university leaders are also recognizing the powerful role student portals have to play in 2021 and beyond.

*According to recent poll from Educause

Students Want You to Know

The one secret to user adoption that will determine whether or not students use your portal.

87% of students surveyed said the technological prowess of a university was important when applying, and why that spells “game over” for universities with outdated portals.

With students reporting alarming levels of feeling disconnected and lonely, your portal can be an essential ingredient in building a more connected, fulfilling college experience for students.

Why 72% of students admitted they treat emails from their university as spam, and how to position your portal as a true communication hub that students will actually engage with. 

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“It makes my school experience so much easier. I can get to anything I need in a manner of seconds.”

“It is my go-to hub where I can access everything I need from one place. It is super easy to use and navigate, and I honestly don’t know how well I would cope without it.”

“It’s the only thing I know how to operate as a website for this university. I would not be able to reach what I need without it. I use it daily.”

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