Webinar Replay:
Modernize Your Student Portal with Campus App

Watch as Dr. Jeff Borden dives deep into how institutions are leveraging modern student portals to save IT resources, while driving student engagement and connection in 2020 and beyond.


What You’ll Walk Away With

299,792 km/s. That’s roughly the speed the pandemic forced us to ad-lib our way into the age of the digital campus. And Higher-ed teams rose to the occasion. How are they doing it? They’re kicking old, outdated infrastructure tech to the curb. And we’d love to show you how they’re doing it during the live webinar and AMA (Ask Me Anything).

2021 Higher Ed Challenges

5 pillars of a modern student portal

Crucial portal features and use-cases

About Your Host:
Dr. Jeff Borden

Dr. Borden is currently the Executive Director of the Institute for Inter-Connected Education and the Chief Academic Officer at Campus. In a career spanning 25 years, he has spent more than 10,000 hours performing workshops, consultations, and creating other experiences to better tie life to learning.

A Sneak Peek At Campus

Campus is turning the legacy student portal market upside-down with a simple philosophy: Push relevant content, resources, alerts, and notification to students instead of hoping they’ll hunt and peck through a link farm to find them.